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Mortgage Servicing Asset Index (MSAI™)

Nov 22, 2019 MSAI Q319 Update: MSAI™ Declines for 4th Consecutive Period


The Mortgage Servicing Asset Index (MSAI™) suffered its fourth consecutive period of declines consistent with the continued decline in primary and secondary mortgage rates coupled with the flattening yield curve for the period. 

Aug 19, 2019 MSAI Q219 Update: MSAI™ Declines for Three Consecutive Quarters


The Mortgage Servicing Asset Index (MSAI™) reflects declines in value for three consecutive quarters replicating 2010 and 2011; periods marred with volatility resulting from international economic crises and including the US suffering a downgrade in its AAA credit rating. 

Jun 3, 2019 Press Release: Improving Transparency via the Mortgage Servicing Asset Index (MSAI™)


Participants in the mortgage market are plagued with the lack of clarity in assumptions, dispersion in fair value measurement and period over period valuation changes for mortgage servicing assets (MSAs).  In an effort to improve market transparency, MGJ Advisory Solutions has developed the bank residential mortgage servicing asset index (MSAI™) 

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