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Partnering with institutions to mitigate risk to their investment strategies in residential mortgage related asset portfolios.



On April 19, 2019, MGJ Advisory Solutions opened its doors focused on building a brand that understands the importance of developing relationships as we aspire to accomplishing a common objective.

Influenced by a 30 year career in the residential mortgage banking industry that included an executive leadership role for a top Analytics and Brokerage consultancy, owner and CEO, Stenwyn A. Joseph is launching MGJ Advisory Solutions.


Applying his diverse experience in accounting, finance, programming and data management, Mr. Joseph has a proven track record building and integrating end-to-end analytical platforms supporting key banking functions targeting portfolio management and strategic planning.


Stenwyn A. Joseph, CEO

Executive with over 20 years of strategic leadership within the financial services industry encompassing market risk management, investment portfolio management, line management and consultative advisory services.


Proficiency and working knowledge of various industry software applications including cash flow models with various term structure models, behavioral performance models, collateral structuring applications and various financial market data marts.


MCSD Certified in MS Visual Basic and SQL Server with excellent proficiency in MS Office Suite including VBA programming.


Solid industry reputation that highlights commitment to excellence and execution.


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