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Welcome to MGJ Advisory Solutions where our mission targets partnering with institutions to support their investment strategies in residential mortgage related asset portfolios.

Founded in 2019, MGJ Advisory Solutions is owned and operated by Sten Joseph, an experienced leader with in-depth industry knowledge and a reputation that highlights commitment to excellence and execution. 


At MGJ Advisory Solutions, we're building a brand guided by core values that include transparency, accountability and sense of community.

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Whether through regulatory requirements like capital stress testing (CCAR/DFAST) or accounting standard changes for credit losses (ASU 2016-13/CECL), the banking and financial services industry has evolved with two objectives in mind: A focus on supportable assumptions impacting future projections and a stronger cohesiveness between key functions.

Governed by the mantra of maximizing returns while mitigating risk, our integrated portfolio management suite of solutions bridge implied gaps across key decisioning processes from asset acquisition to disposition.


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How We Add Value

Effective Nov 21st 2019:

The FHLMC PMMS reported an approximate 88bps decline from 2018 average rates for fixed 30yr collateral.

10Yr Treasury has declined 89bps YTD to 177bps.


Spreads between 30Yr FRMs and 5/1 ARMs are just 27bps; just north of it's recent lows of 19bps in Sep'19.


We can't predict markets but we can establish risk management processes that contemplate systematic and idyosyncratic exposures? 


  1. Are you running sensitivity analysis on trades to understand the risk on the buy-side and the economics foregone on the sell-side?

  2. Are you back-testing your assumptions at time of trade to actual performance in supporting your MTM on the PMSR?

  3. How's your model handling the tightening / widening of spreads?

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